Grilled Chicken Tenders {4 ingredients}

Yes today is Monday.  No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you.  This is not a slow cooker recipe.
Due to our big move coming up (read here to catch up), I needed a recipe that was not only super quick to make, but also one that required little ingredients.
I have made this dish before after seeing it over at Tina’s blog (Mommy’s Kitchen) and figured I’d share it with y’all as well.  We had all the ingredients for it this weekend so I changed up our routine and made this instead of a slow cooker dish.
It’s originally called Copycat Cracker Barrel Grilled Chicken Tenderloins, however, the jury is still out about whether or not it tastes like theirs.  In my honest opinion, they have a tangy (due to the lime and lemon juice) and sweet (due to the honey) taste to them.  Even though nothing can compare to the real thing, they do serve as a great substitute for when we get that itch to go to Cracker Barrel but can’t always afford to go.
We had ours with green beans and a baked potato.  Mashed potatoes or rice and salad also can also be served with them as well.  Yummm!

Grilled Chicken Tenders {4 ingredients}

(makes 12 tenderloins)


4-5 chicken breasts, cut into pieces or 12 chicken tenderloins (we used the tenderloins)
1-8 oz. bottle of Italian Dressing (1 cup) (we used Kraft)
2 tsp. fresh or bottled lime or lemon juice
4 tsp. honey
1.  Cut each breast into strips or use the tenderloin pieces.
2.  In a large gallon sized Ziploc bag, add the dressing, lime/lemon juice, and honey.  Mix to combine.
3.  Add the chicken, close the bag, and squish/press it to make sure the mixture coats all the pieces.
4.  Marinate in the refrigerator for 1 hour.
5.  Remove the chicken from the fridge and add to a large skillet that is on medium high (both the chicken and the marinade).
6.  Braise the tenders in a non-stick pan until golden brown in color, but not dry. After it comes to a boil, reduce the heat and simmer on low-medium.
7.  Simmer until all the liquid has cooked down and is thick in texture.
Recipe Source:  From the blog, Mommy’s Kitchen.  Original recipe here.
How do you like to eat your chicken?


  1. This sounds perfect to me. Can't recall if I've had CB chicken strips because I'm so wild about having other yummy dishes there….love their option to be able to choose 4 vegetables…that's my kind of meal. Thanks so much for sharing…take it easy Girl as you prepare to make that exciting move.

    1. You are welcome for sharing Marsha! CB does have so many yummy meals to choose from! I love that restaurant!

  2. 3 words. OH. MY. LORD. I just made these and I swear .. PG-13 I am so f-ing amazed. They are THE BEST cheikcn tenders i’ve made. I make cheikcn nuggets or at least try to and they never come out crispy.ever. AND THESE, they are perfectly crispy and savory and tender. UGH I am so glad I found your recipe on pinterest. Thank you so much for sharing it with everyone!

    1. You are very welcome! I’m so glad you enjoyed them! They are a family favorite here 😉

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