Fall Chex Mix Recipes

Wondering what snacks to make for the fall season? This roundup of Fall Chex Mix Recipes will boost your creativity! These recipes have made it into our collection Chex Mix Recipe Ideas on the site and we hope they make it into yours.

When you think about it, Chex Mix really is the go-to snack year round, especially during the fall and winter seasons. Making a batch doesn’t take long at all and the ingredient list can be as small or as big as you would like.

Three picture collage roundup of fall Chex Mix recipes.

Items needed to prepare this Chex Mix snack

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The recipes created for Chex Mix can be on the savory or sweet side, which makes their versatility an asset during the holidays. It really is amazing how many creations you can make with this popular snack.

Is it cheaper to buy Chex Mix or make your own?

It is always cheaper to make your own versus purchasing an already made bag. You are able to control the amount of ingredients, therefore making it healthier. There may also be enough to create another batch or two.

How do you keep these fall Chex Mix recipes from getting soggy?

To prevent sogginess, do not change the liquid measurements in the recipe. If you use more then the allotted amount, it will consist of goopy mess of cereal and pretzels. Condensation from appliances such as a slow cooker can also cause sogginess. Place a paper towel underneath the lid to absorb said condensation.

For these Chex Mix recipes for fall, how long will they keep?

If you store the mix correctly, they should last about 4 to 6 weeks. We like to use these Pyrex glass storage containers to place them in. Make sure the lids are tightly secured as to not let any air circulate. This will result in a stale mix. You can also freeze them in gallon sized zip lock bags for up to 6 months.

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Fall Chex Mix Recipes Roundup

This roundup of fall Chex Mix recipes will boost your creativity during this fall season. They are the perfect snacks for chilly months!

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