5 Ingredient Rice Recipes

Ramp up your weekly/monthly meal planning with this roundup of 5 Ingredient Rice Recipes. These delicious side dishes will have your family coming back for seconds and maybe thirds. They have been added to our family’s collection of simple rice recipes.

All of these recipes are 5 ingredients or less, which means they are both economical and efficient. They can also been made ahead of time and will be a life saver on those busy weeknights!

Three picture collage of different 5 ingredient rice recipes.

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Rice is a great ingredient to learn to make if you are looking for a frugal and filling meal. A five pound bag of rice can run up to 3 dollars, however, you can make multiple meals with it if you are creative. Just add a protein like chicken or beef, a few seasonings, and voila….dinner is served!

These rice dishes can be made ahead of time or on the same day as consumption. You can turn them into a main meal or use them as a wonderful side dish for dinners.

Tips for these 5 Ingredient Rice Recipes

  • Always wash and drain your rice before cooking. Doing this can lessen the amount of starch that has been known to make rice mushy.
  • Use the proper ratio of liquid to rice. As a rule of thumb, use 2 parts liquid to 1 part rice.
  • When the rice is finished cooking, always cover it. This will help keep the moisture locked in place so your rice will not become dry.

Can you make rice ahead of time?

Rice can also be made ahead of time and stored until consumption. Make the rice according to directions and instructions. If using a rice cooker, you can leave it in on the warm setting until ready to eat. If making it on a stove, let the rice cool after production and then store in the fridge until ready to eat.

How to freeze these 5 ingredient rice recipes

Freezing rice is an easy task. Assemble and cook the dish as stated in the recipe. Let it come to room temperature. Once ready to freeze, use a vacuum sealer, such as this Food Saver, to store in the freezer. Rice should be consumed within 2 months of freezing.

How to defrost frozen rice

Place the package of frozen rice inside the microwave on the defrost setting for at least 5 minutes. When finished, add a couple of tablespoons of water to fluff it up. You can also place the rice inside a saucepan and heat until defrosted.

Helpful Kitchen Tools

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5 Ingredient Rice Recipes

This roundup of rice recipes are five ingredients or less and make the perfect compliment to any main meal.

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