Simple Rice Recipes

Are you looking for Simple Rice Recipes to add to your menu rotation?

The rice recipes shared on Cooking With Libby are ones our family and friends enjoy. They are the best meals to make when time and funds are minimal.

From side dishes to dinners, there’s an array of rice dishes that will fit exactly what you are looking for on this site.

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Simpe Rice Recipes Made Easy

Learn how to make simple side dishes from these recipes for rice. They are under 30 minutes and utilize 8 ingredients or less. These meals are wonderful for quick dishes that will compliment any main entree.

They are also versatile in both taste and production. You can swap out certain ingredients and no one would ever know. Not a fan of certain seasonings? Swap it out for ones that fit your taste. I hope you enjoy these easy rice ideas!

What are the different ways to make these simple rice recipes?

There are various ways to make and cook rice. You can make it the traditional way in a rice cooker and you can make it on the stove. Multi-purpose appliances such as an Instant Pot also have a rice cooker and steamer setting you can use.

Can you make rice in a saucepan?

Rice can be made in the saucepan on the stove. When deciding on which one to use, make sure to pick one that is non-stick with proper heating elements. We like to use to the Ninja Foodi Saucepans.

Can you make these simple rice recipes ahead of time?

Rice can also be made ahead of time and stored until consumption. Make the rice according to directions and instructions. If using a rice cooker, you can leave it in on the warm setting until ready to eat. If making it on a stove, let the rice cool after production and then store in the fridge until ready to eat.

How to freeze cooked rice

Freezing rice is an easy task. Assemble and cook the dish as stated in the recipe. Let it come to room temperature. Once ready to freeze, use a vacuum sealer, such as this Food Saver, to store in the freezer. Rice should be consumed within 2 months of freezing.

Defrosting cooked rice

Place the package of frozen rice inside the microwave on the defrost setting for at least 5 minutes. When finished, add a couple of tablespoons of water to fluff it up. You can also place the rice inside a saucepan and heat until defrosted.

Helpful Kitchen Tools

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