Rice Recipes for Dinner

Wondering what to have for dinner? This roundup of Rice Recipes for Dinner can provide a few ideas and help kick your meal planning into gear! For more ideas, check out our list of Simple Rice Recipes!

Rice dishes provide a wonderful solution to a quick weeknight meal. They act as an all-in-one solution to dinner time with endless culinary possibilities, heightening your creativity in the kitchen!

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The adaptability of rice allows for an array of dinner options. The recipes in this roundup showcase the diversity of this down to earth grain. If you’re in the mood for something creamy, spicy, or wholesome, these rice recipes are here to satisfy your taste buds all the while making your dinner an unforgettable experience.

Tips for Making These Rice Dinner Recipes

  • Always wash and drain your rice before cooking. The amount of starch will lessen, which in turn, will make your recipe less on the mushy side.
  • Use the proper liquid to rice ratio. As a rule of thumb, use 2 parts liquid to 1 part rice.
  • Remember to cover when cooking is finished. This will help keep the moisture locked in place so your rice will not become dry.

What Can You Add to Rice for Dinner?

Since rice is a versatile item, the possibilities are endless in terms of dinner additions. Turn a plain rice dish into a savory Italian dinner by adding Alfredo sauce, Pesto, pepperoni, or tomatoes. Add a Greek flare by adding grilled chicken, Tzakiki sauce, and cucumbers.

Can You Use Chicken Broth Instead of Water for these Rice Recipes for Dinner?

Yes you definitely can! Substituting the same amount of chicken broth in place of water will add a savory touch to it. Flavors will fuse together while cooking which makes it more delicious then using water.

What Can I Mix with Rice to Make it Taste Better?

To add a little kick to your rice, you can mix butter, olive oil, soy sauce, ground pepper, salt, and dried herbs. Chicken broth and also beef broth can be added as well.

Can Rice Become a Main Dish?

It sure can! Turn it into a main dish by adding proteins such as shredded chicken, beans, sausage, and even chopped ham. Certain vegetables can also become a great addition.

Our Favorite Dinners with Rice

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Rice Recipes for Dinner

Spice up your dinner creativity with this roundup of Rice Recipes for Dinner. These recipes are fit for get togethers or any weeknight meal.

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