Sweet Potato Recipes for Thanksgiving

Are you wondering what recipes you can make for the upcoming holiday? This roundup of Sweet Potato Recipes for Thanksgiving will help! These recipes have made it into our collection Sweet Potato Recipes on the site and we hope they make it into yours.

Sweet potatoes and the holidays go hand in hand. I can’t think of a single year where our family did not have a recipe for this potato that we loved.

A three picture collage of sweet potato recipes for Thanksgiving.

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The recipes created from this vegetable can be savory or sweet which makes their versatility an asset during the holidays. It really is amazing how many creations you can make with a cup or two of sweet potatoes!

What flavors pair well with sweet potatoes recipes for Thanksgiving?

If you are looking for holiday recipe inspiration, the following ingredients blend well with sweet potatoes:

  • sweet potatoes + allspice + cinnamon + ginger
  • sweet potatoes + apples + sage
  • sweet potatoes + bacon + onions + rosemary
  • sweet potatoes + chorizo sausage + orange
  • sweet potatoes + kale + prosciutto
  • sweet potatoes + maple syrup + pecans

What dishes can be made for Thanksgiving sweet potato recipes?

Sweet potatoes are pretty adaptable when it comes to cooking and baking. You can use the following techniques to create recipes from them: bake, boil, deep-fry, fry, grill, mash, roast, steam, and saute’.

What is the difference between yams and sweet potatoes?

Yams and sweet potatoes are not the same, despite what one may think. Yams have a rough outer exterior and their insides are similar to a regular potato. Sweet potatoes have a smooth exterior, are orange/reddish inside, and are sweet in flavor.

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Sweet Potato Recipes for Thanksgiving

Get your holiday recipe inspiration from this roundup of sweet potato recipes for Thanksgiving. They are guaranteed dinner hits!

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