Sweet Potato Recipes

Do you have a few left over sweet potatoes from the holidays that you aren’t sure what to do with? This page of Sweet Potato Recipes from our site can help with new ideas!

The sweet potato recipes shared on Cooking With Libby are ones our family and friends enjoy. They are wonderful to make when you need a recipe for the holidays or if you have left overs from your celebration dinner.

A three picture collage of Sweet Potato Recipes for the holidays.

From candied sweet potatoes to sweet potato casserole, there’s an array of ideas for anyone who wants to learn how to use sweet potatoes for their next main meal or holiday dinner.

Dinner and Bakeware to Compliment Your Sweet Potato Recipes

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Sweet Potatoes on the Sweet and Savory Side

From sweet casseroles to delicious breads, experience and explore the sweet side to sweet potatoes.

Sweet Potato Recipe Collections

This collection of roundup sweet potato recipes on the site will inspire you to start cooking with this popular vegetable.

Are canned sweet potatoes cooked?

Canned sweet potatoes and other vegetables go through a process of washing, peeling, cutting, and cooking before they are canned and set to sale. Therefore, yes, canned sweet potatoes are already cooked.

How many fresh sweet potatoes equals 1 can?

Canned sweet potatoes have less potatoes in them due to the canning process itself. Four medium fresh sweet potatoes are the equivalent to six to eight cans.

How many sweet potatoes equals 2 cups?

If you like them in mashed form, 2 cups will equal 2 medium fresh sweet potatoes. If you would like them chopped, 2 cups will equal 1 medium fresh sweet potato.

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