Best Recipes With Crescent Rolls

Are you a fan of delectable and delicious crescent rolls and are curious what else you can do with them? This roundup of the Best Recipes with Crescent Rolls can help with creating new recipe ideas with this convenient food item.

The crescent roll recipes shared on Cooking With Libby are ones our family and friends enjoy. They are wonderful to make when you need a savory dinner for a quick weeknight meal or a sweet dessert to round out your meal.

A three picture collage of the Best Recipes with Crescent Rolls.

With flaky layers and buttery taste, refrigerated crescent rolls are a versatile and convenient ingredient that can transform any kitchen into a source of culinary creativity.

Tools For Making These Crescent Rolls

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The Savory Side of Crescents

From party pleasing appetizers and easy breakfast casseroles to nostalgic dinners, experience and explore these savory recipes using crescent rolls.

The Sweet Side of Crescents

Crescent rolls not only make wonderful dinner recipes, you can also use them to create magical and delicious desserts! Explore these sweet crescent roll desserts!

Can You Freeze Fresh Crescent Rolls?

Yes you can! Plain baked crescent rolls can last in the freezer up to 6 months. To freeze, bake crescent rolls as directed. Bring to room temperature and wrap each roll individually with in plastic wrap.

Place them in a tightly sealed gallon sized bag with decreased air. To defrost, let the bag defrost in the refrigerator overnight. Bring the rolls to room temperature and heat in the oven.

How Long Can You Refrigerate Crescent Dough After Opening?

Once opened, refrigerated raw crescent dough can last in the refrigerated for up to 2-4 days. Make sure to store them in an air tight container to prevent dryness and bake as directed on the package.

Are Crescent Rolls and Croissants the Same?

Other then the crescent-moon shape these baked goods posses, they are also different. Crescent rolls are more laminated then croissants, therefore giving them more of a bread-like texture.

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